Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joining Nina To Spin for Paws Chicago

Just prior to running my first ever marathon, I came across the documentary, Spirit Of The marathon. It was truly a fascinating film which I ended up watching over and over the week of my first marathon. There were some wonderful quotes from that movie which I carry with me always. One is, "When you cross the finish line of a marathon, it'll change your life forever." That was certainly the case for me. I think in many respects, I earned plenty of street cred on that day from family, friends, and above all others, from my dad. In fact, after hearing that I sprained my ankle three miles into the race yet still managed to gut out the remaining twenty-two miles, my dad said, "Even more so, you are an athlete to me." He was amazed by my finishing, but it took on a different and more special meaning for him when he heard his son was injured. He said that in all his years of watching sports, he has learned that when athletes get hurt and perform, that is when fan truly learn what those athletes are made of which is why his level of pride was that much greater.

This October, a talented amazing actress, model, and runner will cross that finish at the Chicago Marathon and it will change her life forever. Even before she ever reaches race day, she is altering lives of others. She is Nina and she is running the marathon while raising funds to benefit Paws Chicago a wonderful organization for which I am sure there is not a shortage of people who can say wonderful comments about the group. Nina is giving these dogs a second or third chance to live with owners, families, and children in whose lives they will bring joy. Animal lovers can tell you the hours, days, years worth of memories which their pet and companion has brought to their lives. Nina is making sure that tradition continues. All of us can ensure Nina helps Paws Chicago by contributing to her fundraising cause. We can donate at her page. We can also attend a spin class on August 26. For forty-five minutes, we can ride like the wind, have a blast, and give towards Nina's cause.

For more information about Nina's event and how to get involved, please visit Nina's blog, Run Dance Love.


  1. You, Isra, are all amount of AWESOME! Thank you so much!

    1. Nina, thank you so much! I appreciate the compliment coming from someone whom I respect tremendously and who, whether you know it or not, has been an inspiration to me over the last year.