Saturday, August 25, 2012

CNN Hero

Last year, a woman I did not know reached out to me to suggest I run the Chicago Marathon with and for Imerman Angels which is an organization which believes in one-on-one cancer support where survivors help those currently fighting the disease to make it through a difficult time in their lives. I agreed to run for Imerman and I can not begin to thank Jessica Hiltner enough for reaching out to me. Besides Jessica, there have been so many wonderful people who have come into my life as a result including Jonny Imerman, a cancer survivor who founded the organization. People often insist that I am an inspiration. I wonder how can that be the case? Does losing your eyesight then deciding years later to give triathlons, marathons, and duathlons a try make one an inspiration? I do not believe so. I do however believe that what Jonny Imerman does and has been through makes him one. Cable News Network (CNN) agrees with me as they have named Jonny Imerman a hero. To read the article and learn about this organization for which I will once again run the Chicago half Marathon, Ready To Run 20 Miler, and Chicago Marathon, please visit the following link:

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