Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lauren Runs

A few days prior to Pleasant Prairie, I began to feel anxious due to the fact that I did not have a way to get to and from the race. Thankfully, Keri Schindler of GLASA and Dare2Tri Chicago sent out an e-mail in which she notified others that Israel needed a ride. After a day, I did not see any responses. I was scared. What if I had to simply not show up? I kept thinking to myself that everything would work out for the best. Someone would come through. In fact, just to be on the safe side, I would craft a note to thank Keri while reaching out to the rest of the Dare2Tri members. Less than twenty hours before the race, I sent out my note. Within a few minutes, I received a response from a gentleman informing me that he would be glad to give me a ride from the event. An hour later, I received a phone call from another man offering to give me a ride to the race. Yes!! Everything had indeed worked out. In truth, it was better than I realized. I had a wonderful time riding up with a man named Luke while the trip back saw me enjoy a pleasant time with two fabulous individuals, Mike and Lauren. In each case, I had the privilege to trade racing stories with them while learning a bit more about them as people. I am so grateful these individuals opened their cars and hearts to me. I look forward to getting to know all of them and spending more time at various races with them too.

One of those individuals who was so kind, warm, and welcoming to me was Lauren. I wish to share more about her by asking you to please visit her blog site. I am fascinated by her writing and reflections. I have read several entries and know I will be a regular reader of her work.

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