Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caroline's Race Across America

The amazing, talented, and beautiful Caroline Gaynor is at it again! This tremendous athlete, woman, and friend is once again being her usual spectacular self by being a part of Race Across America as she fundraises for a wonderful non profit which works to help military veterans after their service to this country has been complete. Often, we say that we support our troops or that we owe them for all they have done for this country, but few of us remember to do our part to help. Maybe a simple thank you to a military veteran. Maybe this country's representatives in Congress can do more to vote into laws, those which can help veterans after they have given so much to ensure our freedoms. Caroline is cycling across this nation as part of a relay team. She is raising funds to aid programs designed to assist veterans in ways to ensure they are not forgotten.

For more information on this event or to donate, please log on to the following site and read more about what Caroline is doing. Caroline explains her mission much better than I can. Go get 'em Caroline!!

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