Tuesday, March 27, 2012

World Theatre Day

Happy World Theatre Day!! It has been a wonderful day celebrating and thanking the wonderful friends whom I am privileged to know whose talents are frequently display on a stage for all to watch. As a playwright, I am always tickled when talented individuals bring my words on a page to life. As an actor, it is always exciting to write a piece then get it on its feet. It is also thrilling to take someone else's work and bring it to life. Of course, then there is the audience whose there providing feedback. At times, they get lost in the world we create. At other times, they discuss the subject of the play long after the performance has concluded. I have been privileged to have the experience of having people say I inspired them through my theater pieces. I have been told by long time friends, they learned new information about me and my life by attending one of my shows. I have been honored to hear Jenniffer Weigel, an award winning journalist, TV anchor, and radio personality, say that it was a performance of one of my shows which inspired her to follow her heart and write what turned out to be an award winning one woman show. In all the years I had been a fan of Jen's work, I could never imagine that one day I would be inspiring her, but that is the beauty of the theater.

Here is a very touching quote to share on this day.

"May your work be compelling and original. May it be profound, touching, contemplative, and unique. May it help us to reflect on the question of what it means to be human, and may that reflection be blessed with heart, sincerity, candor, and grace. May you overcome adversity, censorship, poverty and nihilism, as many of you will most certainly be obliged to do. May you be blessed with the talent and rigor to teach us about the beating of the human heart in all its complexity, and the humility and curiosity to make it your life's work. And may the best of you - for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments - succeed in framing that most basic of questions, "how do we live?" Godspeed." - John Malkovich

To watch John's full address, click on the link to watch the video. See you at a live show soon!


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