Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caroline Gaynor Climbs For National MS

Are you someone who gets inspired frequently? I am. Sure, I see certain actors, writers, athletes, musicians, and politicians who move me. I see people on a daily basis who give me an extra push. They do not do it by speaking to me directly or by saying powerful magical words. They do so by the example they set in the world. One such person is the amazing, talented, and beautiful, Caroline Gaynor. She is an all around tremendous athlete, woman, and friend. Frequent readers to this site have read about some of her ventures such as stair climbing events, cycling races, or Ironman Triathlons where she sight guides different blind and visually impaired women through the 140.6 mile distance. Caroline is simply amazing in every sense of the word! This weekend, she will be climbing the Rockefeller Center while raising money for National Multiple Sclerosis organization. Caroline climbs because she can. Caroline climbs for those who can not. Caroline climbs so that one day, no one will hear the words, "You have MS." Please consider donating to Caroline's fundraising efforts as she will glide up sixty-six steps with the ease of such a gifted athlete and person which she is.

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