Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yo Solo Theatre Festival Submission

I first heard about Collaboraction through my friend, Laura Shatkus. She is a talented actress who has done work there in the past. I heard about Teatro Vista through various friends who have been cast in shows there. I have seen work performed by Teatro Vista which was written by the very talented playwright, Tanya Saracho, a woman whose work I respect tremendously and whose friendship in recent years has meant plenty. When I read that both groups were joining forces, I was excited to hear what they would do. It turns out, they are seeking submissions! Deadline is this coming Sunday. They are seeking one person shows to be part of Yo Solo theatre Festival this coming July and August. I remembered when I first wrote my autobiographical theater piece, In the Dark, I began with the idea it would be a one man show in the style of a John Leguizamo piece. After ITD was named a New Play Fest selection by the good people at Prop THTR, the decision was made to expand the show to include more actors. There is a part of me which has always wanted to write and perform a solo piece. I also remember what my friend, actress, and teacher, Laura Sturm said about the news of altering In the Dark from a solo piece to a bigger cast. She loved it because my acting training was built on playing off of a scene partner. What my instructors has taught me to do was to give others substance with which to play while I embraced what they offered me and reacted to those offerings in the moment. Not having scene partners would not allow this beautiful form of expressive art to take place. However, I could still evoke a response and give a special experience to my audience. In addition, I could get back on a stage to share a story and myself. I do not know how a solo show will work, but I am willing to try. I do admit that there is some anxiety, but when a respected actress, director, and teacher such as Eileen Vorbach offers to give her wisdom at any point in the process I request it, I have to jump at that opportunity while giving myself a shot by sending something in for consideration. Of course, so many talented writers will do the same. I just want a chance. Here is said chance. I will seize it and see how it plays out. For anyone who is also interested in sending in a work, here is the link to the information.

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