Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running Without Time

A few weeks ago, I noticed my stopwatch was not working as it usually does. I figured it was time to change the battery. I did, but the issue remained. I was hoping to get some more use out of it since I mostly use it to keep track of my miles for the run portion of my workouts. From time-to-time, I would use it to know how long my bike riding session lasted. Again, I mostly used it to keep track of my distance for running. Based on distance per run, I would add up my weekly miles to see my progress as a race neared. Unfortunately, when altering the batteries did not work, my stopwatch died shortly there after. This week, I decided to get back into the swing of running. I could not figure out how I would keep track of my miles. Eventually, I decided to use my iPod by simply picking out a play list which would last about thirty minutes or so and just run for as long as I could, if not for the entire time. As I started out, I was annoyed because I had not a clue what distance I had run. I wanted to know. One song finished. Then the next one. I soon found myself simply running. I was listening and enjoying the songs. By the time I ended my run session, I was still a bit annoyed that I did not know my distance yet there was also a part of me which felt so free! I had run free of concern upon hearing my watch give the time then calculating the distance during my run as I always do. I find myself frequently getting lost in calculations to the point I do not realize how much time had gone by until I hear my watch inform me minutes later. This time, I found myself lost in the music. My legs felt strong. They felt good running at a 7:30 pace the entire time until the end when I could no longer keep the pace and had to stop, but I had been able to run and not focus on a watch. I was not running to meet a time goal or even a distance goal. I did not have to hear my watch tell me my time. I was merely running to get in shape, because I love it, and for the enjoyment. If I continue this method, I guess I will gage my progress on at which point in my play list I stop. I am excited about running this way. I will try it for a couple weeks and see how much I enjoy it.

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