Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jenny To Guide Me For Aramco Half Marathon

Today, I received a call from David Adame, the director of the Texas chapter for the C Different Foundation to confirm my entry into the Aramco Houston Half Marathon to be held on January 15, 2012. It is the same weekend as the Olympic trials held on the marathon course in Houston. Because the Olympic trials are on Saturday and the Half in which I will be running will take place on Sunday, I will have a chance to watch the elite and maybe walk around meeting some of them. While in the midst of running the CARA 20 Miler this past September, Jennifer Pfaff asked about my heading to Texas. She said that it would be fun to be around all those amazing athletes. If it could ever work out, she would love the chance to guide me for that. I always kept her words in the back of my mind so when David called to get my information for the January event. I asked for an update on possible guides and home stays. He said he was working on it, but time was quickly running out. Although I had not asked Jennifer about her interest nor availability since she first mentioned it in September, I told Mr. Adame that there was always the option of Jen guiding me. He was excited to hear that and asked me to please follow up with her to inquire about her interest. I did. As it turned out, Jen was still interested. She needed to check on some details on her end, but after she did, Jen informed me that she in fact had volunteered to guide me for the Half Marathon! Fresh off her being one of the fabulous women guiding me for this year's Chicago Marathon, Jen is going to lead me through the streets of Houston. What a fun time it will be. I am most excited that Jen will get to experience guiding me when I am fresh and full of life. In the three events in which she has guided me, she has always been picking me up at the midway point of the race. she has met me at the ten or thirteen mile mark. Usually, within a short amount of time, I begin to struggle so she must drag and will me to the finish. This time, it will be different. I can not wait.

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