Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Final Run Prior To CM11

Today, I went for a five mile run with Kimberly Shah. Kimberly will be one of my sighted guides for Sunday's Chicago Marathon. I am so excited! Of course, there is still plenty of anxiety as I wonder how could I have trained better? In what manner should my training have been better than it was? It is too late for that now. Maybe I can reflect on that after the race. Or, maybe I should embrace that feeling, but not dwell on it. With each race, I am improving. With each new sighted guide, training partner, or athlete I meet, I can grow and learn. I am very thrilled at the late push I have received from family and friends as they donate to my Imerman Angels cause for the marathon. So many people have been touched by cancer so it is easy for all to identify or understand what this disgusting disease does to family, friends, and loved ones. No one is immune to it. Maybe one day cancer will die and no one will endure the struggles which come with it. For now, organizations like Imerman Angels will do their best to pair up current fighters with those who have survived so that together, those individuals can be there for each other. One of my cousins, who just finished yet another tour in the Middle East said that one of the most difficult things for him to experience was watching his wife go through cancer and not be able to help her because he could not understand what she was experiencing. He wishes he knew of IA or someone who had survived her type of cancer so that she could have had a person mentoring her and maybe another person helping him in order to help her. She passed away earlier this year and it sickens him to know that she passed away alone without someone to simply say, "I know what you're going through." He is a hero. He has spent his entire adult life serving our country. He has faced the challenges of cancer. My cousin and his wife are two individuals for whom I am running this race. Please, help myy cause so that no one faces cancer alone. Please help me help others. With the recent donations of today, I am only $150 shy of my goal amount.

As I spend the next few days resting and taking in plenty of fluids, I hope you log on or pass this link to others who can give even just a small amount:

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