Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Marathon Expo

Today was a tremendous day! I woke up feeling a bit sore and I was concerned. Really? Yesterday's run with Kimberly is making me feel like this? What will the marathon cause me to feel on Monday? Within a couple hours, the soreness was gone. Earlier this week, I had discomfort, but it has gone away for the most part. It was in my lower back and kidney area. It still lingers, but not enough to be too painful to handle. In the afternoon, I drove to the Chicago Marathon expo. Well, it was more like Kimberly drove and I tried to entertain. In the short time I have known Kimberly, I have discovered so many wonderful traits in her. Hearing her stories inspires me. Training, racing, living life! She is great at spinning yarn. She has a heart of gold and a strong willingness to help others. She also has a great laugh. Of course, now I try to make her laugh. I do not always succeed, but when I do, I am so thrilled because then it makes me laugh. We reached the expo and made our way around the place. We picked up my bib, shirt, and other items. We headed over to meet Howard Kambara of Chicago Events Management and the Chicago Marathon. Kimberly received her runner guide bib and other items. For the first time, she became nervous as she realized how real this was. Her excitement and anticipation shown through and I was excited too. For most of this week I have been anxious, but hearing Kimberly's reaction and laugh at that very moment put me at ease. I started to laugh. Howard mentioned how we would go off in a wave nine minutes before the pro wave and what Kimberly should do on the course when the TV cameras, course vehicles, and pro runners approached us. I kept saying to myself, this is real! Of course, the reality of the moment will not truly take place until we are crossing the start then when we are running side-by-side the elite. Of course, with Kimberly and Jennifer being my sighted guides, I will be lucky to have two elite athletes along side the entire time.

We also made sure to pick up Jen's bib and other items before walking around some more and meeting some of Kimberly's friends. then we walked to the Imerman Angels booth where we were greeted by Kate who I first met when I attended an IA function in August. After a few moments, Kimberly and I spent some time with cancer survivor and founder, Johnny Imerman. What a joy it is to be around him. He is so amazing. What a gift to the world. Shortly after that, we headed home. The more Kimberly shared stories the more I was getting pumped for Sunday. It was certainly a tremendous day. Topping the day was discovering I had a friend request from a young woman named Abby who is the sister of Amanda R, one of the most amazing women in my life. I met Amanda when she was a star on the women's basketball team in college. I had the joy to watch her career and interview her in press conferences and on my weekly radio show. She always gave me her time. Even after she graduated, I would see her at games. I lost touch with her for a while, but when I reconnected with her, it was as though time had not gone by. I have since followed her coaching career and I remain a big fan of her accomplishments. She truly is one of the nicest people I know who is always very supportive. Of course, it is a joy to be friends with her sister now. I look forward to getting to know her. I also noticed that as of this afternoon, I have come just seven dollars shy of my $1,000 goal for money raised. I am stunned at how my family and friends have once again banned together to back my cause. Plus, I received some wonderful mentions on Twitter from some RunNerds who I respect plenty. Molly, Kate, and Adriana. One more day of resting and taking in fluids before 26.2 miles to cross the finish line of another wonderful year.

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