Monday, September 5, 2011

Musical Chairs Book Trailer

Jen Knox did it to me again! She drew me in and kept my interest in her piece. Her second installment of her serial was so fascinating. The only drawback was that it ended and I have to wait until next week for the third part. I can not wait. I want to see how the story turns out and how the main characters do. While I wait for the next part, I invite all of you to purchase Jen's book, Musical Chairs. In fact, Jen Knox has announced that she will donate 100% of the royalties she will receive from book sales during the month of September to Network For Good, an organization which helps runaway teens and their parents. So buying the book will bring about a win win for everyone. You will enjoy a great book while helping out a great cause.

Here is a book trailer for Musical Chairs by Jen Knox:

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