Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Imerman Angels Video

On October 9, I will be running my second marathon. For the second straight year, I will take on the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. I am excited and nervous about what is in front of me. 26.2 miles through the streets of Chicago. I am prepared to take on the miles. I know I can conquer. Mainly, I want to be able to call my experience a success. Away from the running, I want to call my involvement with the non profit of my choice a success. Similar to last year, I am running the marathon for a charity which does tremendous work. If you have read my past posts, you have read my thoughts on Imerman angels. I also plan to discuss my thoughts on the race and non profit next week as the race nears. For now, I wish to direct you to the following link which is a three minute video on Imerman Angels. In a future post, I will provide my fundraising page link so people can donate and help me reach my goal of $1,000. I am very close to achieving said goal and hope that this video will allow you to see for whom I am raising and racing so that you may consider contributing to my cause. Thank you very much.

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