Friday, May 27, 2011

Night Before Soldier Field 10

After a good week of weight lifting and running, I decided to close the week with another lifting session and a run at at a slower pace than what I have become use to in recent weeks. I was attempting to balance between wanting to push my body and not pushing to hard as I will be running in the Soldier Field 10 on Saturday morning. I ran this race for the first time last year and truly enjoyed the experience. I met a wonderful woman, Justine Boney, who helped me through the registration process and has become a good friend. I was guided by Michael Crissie and we had fun rolling through the streets of Chicago and finishing at Soldier Field through the Chicago Bears players' tunnel, over the end zone then racing the last short distance on the field to finish at the fifty yard line. We are excited to get the opportunity again and hope to improve on last year's finish time. This year, another wonderful woman helped me through the process. Elizabeth Vincenty. I look forward to a wonderful run with Michael and hope the weather will be just right for all 15,000 runners in the event.

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