Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Denver Triathlon Club Challenge

For years, health, weight loss, and supplements have been billion dollars a year businesses as people choose to become more aware of their lifestyle choices. In my youth, I struggled to gain weight. I was always the smallest person in my classes. Then I reached college and I put on more weight than I even imagined I could. Around that time, I became very much involved with weight lifting so I fooled myself into believing I was simply bulking up. For a couple summers I spent my time lifting plenty of weights, performing thousands of sit ups a day, and jumping rope. I would lose about fifteen pounds only to put it on again over the next school year. Eventually, it was out of control. I put on so much weight that I could no longer run fast. I remember one time insisting I was still as lightning quick as I was in my youth that I felt confident I would easily run a mile in under ten minutes. After all, throughout my childhood and as late as my senior year of high school, I was a sprinter. Yet, with all my mental toughness, pumping myself up, and believing in my abilities, I could only manage a 10:21 time for one mile. I tried it again, but could only complete it in 10:06. Clearly, I was out of shape. As I have written previously, two friends further opened my eyes to my lack of fitness when my friend, Sunshine, told me that she felt my bodybuilding physique was disgusting around the same time that my friend, Rani, asked in a very surprised voiced, "You work out?" after I commented that my body was sore on that specific day due to a tough work out session. These moments served as inspiration for me to go get back my physique. I dedicated myself to losing as much weight as possible while increasing my strength and carving out a lean sexy physique. I fully understand that some individuals must rely on pills or surgery to help them reach their fitness goals. I understand there may be physical or medical limitations which prevent them from fully engaging in difficult and challenging fitness sessions. I did not have such issues so I had to push my body beyond its limits, make smarter eating decisions, and realize that I was not going to go through a fad to achieve my goals, I needed to alter my lifestyle. It more than paid off for me!

I achieved my fitness goals and discovered a desire to show off my physique. As a playwright and screenwriter, I could ensure my physique being on display by writing roles for myself where my character would be shirtless like Matthew McConaughey. As I started meeting more artists especially actors, actresses, and models, I learned that besides taking classes to work on their craft, they were heavily involved with yoga, pilates, running, biking, and swimming. Some even participated in some triathlon or road race events. I remember competing in my first triathlon in 2008 at the New York City Triathlon and Sunshine saying to me that it was quite overwhelmingbeing around so many hard bodies that weekend. I am so thrilled that I have been racing in so many events because it forces me to remain focussed on maintaining a solid physique. By having goals such as a pending race, I must keep running, biking, and lifting weights otherwise I will suffer on race day. Another benefit is being able to always be in good health. Still another benefit is the opportunity to travel the country seeing different cities and meeting new athletes of all levels. I have befriended so many people and it is a much more enriching experience racing with and amongst friends. If you wish to experience that feeling then please consider getting some friends together, training, then traveling to Denver for the Denver Triathlon on July 24, 2011. If you and your friends belong to a triathlon club, you might even consider being a part of the triathlon club challenge aspect of this race. For more information and to register, please log on to the following site:

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