Monday, May 23, 2011

Denver Triathlon Charity

Last week, I read an article discussing how so many celebrities are turning to triathlons as a way to achieve and maintain a great physique as well as to raise money for great causes near and dear to their hearts. Many of the names listed in the piece were the same names I had read about over several years, but a few were ones I had not known about who are now heavily involved in racing. Two of the favorite events seem to be in Malibu and South Beach. I would like to one day race in both events simply to say I did. Of course, this would mean I must spend many more hours in the pool working on my swim stroke and feeling comfortable in water. An event which is near and dear to my heart is the Denver Triathlon which takes place this year on Sunday, July 24. The organizers continue to work hard to put together a race which all participants will enjoy. From the newcomer who may be a youth to the athlete who has been racing for a couple decades, this race promises to have something for everyone. Another aspect of the Denver Triathlon which I love is the event's association with a wonderful cause, The C Different Foundation. This organization was created to inspire, educate, and change the world. C Different partners blind and visually impaired athletes with sighted volunteers who then race together in triathlons and road races all over the world. This past Saturday, C Different had five blind and visually impaired athletes who along with their guides competed in and all successfully completed the inaugural Ironman Texas. For those unaware of what an Ironman triathlon is, an athlete must swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, then run 26.2 miles. These races usually start about 7a.m. and each participant must be done with the course before midnight. Many of the athletes often have a charity tie-in to their training and racing to offer even greater meaning to their commitment.

The C Different Foundation is the reason I was able to race in my first triathlon in July 2008. They provided me encouragement, a sighted guide, and knowledge to get me through the process. With two months to go before the event this summer, anyone who wishes can raise funds for the C Different Foundation, race on the C Different team, or volunteer to be a sighted guide for a blind or visually impaired athlete as many will be traveling to Denver for this race.

The two sites to check out for more information are listed below:

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