Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

A very happy and healthy Mother's Day to my mother and sisters who are raising tremendous young men and women poised to be the next generation in my family. Also, a very special wish to my dear friends who are mothers. Along with my mom and sisters, my friends teach me plenty about being an amazing parent able to balance parental duties with personal individual dreams and achievements. I thank the amazing women currently in my life and those who shared a brief moment in time with me over the years. All of you teach or have taught me so many wonderful lessons which I hope to apply in my life eventually, if I do not already do so. May today be set aside to praise the women who make me and all of us the wonderful individuals we are. May today be one where I can say thank you to the mothers of some of my dearest closest friends. Who these friends are to me and how they shape my life is a result of the amazing jobs you as their mother did in raising them to be such spectacular people. Who my friends have become is a direct reflection on the mothers who taught them to love. Thank you always!!

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