Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doing What I Once Thought To Be Crazy

As far back as I can remember, my dad would watch every sporting event imaginable which was televised. If it's on TV, my dad is watching. He would always watch Chicago, Boston, and New York Marathons. 26.2 miles seemed other worldly. The athletes who did it race in and race out were amazing. Each time I watched a marathon coverage, my desire to run one would grow. The realization that I could never began to settle into my mind. By the time 2003 rolled around I had decided anyone who does that to his body is crazy. The months of training followed by 26.2 miles in one day is simply nuts. On top of that, I heard horror stories of runners collapsing, becoming dehydrated, hospitalized, and taking weeks to physically recover.

Fast forward to 2007. After a few years of watching Gina Lombardi's Fit Nation on Fit TV and coming across an interview and the story of Lokelani McMichael, I found myself wanting to some day try an Ironman. The last leg is a marathon. Well, I'm going to have to at least run a marathon individually first don't I? I had contacted Matt Miller of the C Different Foundation and he offered me a chance at running a half marathon. Within five weeks with virtually no training, I had run 13.1 miles in one day. I began to do more races. Then in December of 2009, I ran my longest distance to date when I ran the 30K in Sugar Land. More than anything, that experience made me that much hungrier for a marathon. Yes! I can run 26.2. I can devote myself to a dedicated training plan. I can tune up my body in preparation. I can do this on the same streets the great Paula Radcliff has dominated. On the same streets I walked as a young boy. I can run 26.2 in my home town of Chicago, Illinois! I previously had a chance to run a marathon in Fort Lauderdale but due to illness which prevented me from training, I reluctantly had to drop out. In the end, it's only fitting I make my marathon debut on my streets in front of my family and friends for a charity, Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association,, who does such wonderful things for individuals who otherwise may not have a chance to enjoy athletic success. It is official. I am registered to run the Chicago Marathon on October 10, 2010. Is it nuts that I will put my body through this? If it is, I am proud to be crazy!

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