Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is the final weekend to see "Lucid" at the Athenaeum Theatre featuring my friend, Laura Shatkus as Becky. I first met Laura about six years ago when we took several acting and movement classes together. She quickly joined a growing list of classmates and artists such as; Rani, Madelon, and Amanda whom I respected greatly and hope to one day earn their respect. Years later, I gathered some artistic friends to hold a reading of my first full length screenplay. Laura read the female lead, a character based on a real life woman with whom I was in love. Laura truly brought that character to life in a way I could never have imagined. There was one scene where the two male leads are talking and one of them makes a sarcastic remark which received a few chuckles from my friends, but Laura burst out laughing in a way that let me know the joke had hit the mark. I was most impressed that I could make her laugh in such a way. In that moment, Laura had such a beautiful sexy laugh that it made me think, that is exactly how the female lead in this screenplay is suppose to sound. Laura is this character! While I'm confident I earned it a long time prior to then, it was that singular moment when I felt I had arrived and earned Laura's respect as a writer and artist. Prior to then and since then, I have seen Laura in several performances and she is always at the top of her game. All live performance lovers need to experience a performance of Laura's wonderful talents on display!

Lucid. Thursday-Saturday 8p and Sundays 3p For more info

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