Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Caroline Stepping Up

In August 2008, the night before the Chicago Triathlon, I sat in a restaurant in downtown Chicago engaged in conversation with a young woman named Caroline who stated, "It's nice to see you smile, Israel. You have a beautiful smile. I would have never guessed it last month." The month before, I met Caroline in New York during the weekend of the NYC Tri. Apparently, she tried to engage me in conversation several times throughout the weekend, but I never responded. She asked others, "What's up with that guy?" She was told that Israel was nervous. NYC Tri was his first ever triathlon and he was having a nervous break down about the one mile swim in the Hudson River because he didn't know how to swim. A month later, I was laughing having a wonderful time. As time has gone on, I've been lucky enough to get to know Caroline a little better and she makes me smile all the time. Usually, in disbelief. Caroline is a great person with a kind heart. She is intelligent, beautiful, and athletic! When most people are getting dressed for their New Year's Eve parties, she is getting in one final work out on the trainer. When others are toasting in the new year at midnight, Caroline is in Time Square crossing the start line for a 5K. From what I have observed, Caroline doesn't so much train for specific events or season, but she instead lives an athletic healthy lifestyle enabling her to be ready at a moment's notice for any athletic event anywhere in the world. Although, it is a word used quite frequently, Caroline is an inspiration!

Caroline recently participated in the Empire State Building Run where participants start at ground level and race to the top floor. One of the more famous events in Chicago is the Hustle UP The Hancock. In late March 2010, Caroline will fly to Chicago to race up the stairs of four buildings making up The Presidential Towers to raise funds benefiting the American Lung Association. It is a wonderful cause from such a wonderful woman. For anyone interested in reading more on the cause, event, and Caroline, please visit and tell your friends and loved ones to visit:

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