Friday, February 19, 2010

Savage In Limbo

This is the final weekend to catch "Savage In Limbo" at Village Players Theater Studio Theatre. Besides seeing a terrific show put on by a great cast and crew, one can witness the leadership and vision of director, Jacque Lueken. I first met Jacque when my theater piece, "Life Of Cards" was selected by Prop THTR as part of the New Play Fest in 2007. Jacque was named the director of my piece for that workshop. Many writers write the piece, hand it off to the people who will carry it through the next process, and get out of the way. I prefer to be as involved with every aspect of my shows. Some projects I write. Others I write and act. Still others, I write, act, and direct. Although these are my "babies", I see myself as a consensus builder requesting others involved with any and every aspect of the piece feel free to give thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. I want all to feel free to express what will get the best out of talented individuals. From my initial conversation with Jacque, we were on the same page. In fact, she made me feel at ease. Still very much a young writer, I find myself some times hesitating to push the boundaries of accepted societal norms as a responsible playwright should do, but Jacque insisted I embrace my voice and be willing to push as hard and as far as I can in order to evoke a response from artists and audiences alike. In the short time Jacque commanded my piece I could see the vision and impact she could bring to a show. I knew right then, I wanted to work with her more in the future. I also knew that it was up to me to take the next step in improving the piece to ensure that the next time an audience sees this piece it will be of much better quality. If I am so lucky as to have Jacque direct this or another of my piece then I owe it to her to bring forth a better script to enable her to push herself in getting the best out of her abilities as a director while getting great performances out of the cast. What Jacque can do has been on display with "Savage In Limbo" and now this is the final weekend to see her mastery on this show.

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