Saturday, July 9, 2016

4 Mile Classic

After running the Universal Sole 10K in 2015 and having so much fun with wonderful and beautiful, Wendy, I registered for Universal Sole 4 Mile Classic. Lovely, Lindsey would guide me. Days prior to the race, Lindsey said she was ill and insisted I find a replacement. I asked my gal pals. No one was available. This was not a targeted event so I would not be disappointed not setting a personal best.

Race evening was sunny and pleasant. First time Lindsey and I would run together since she and Liz guided me for the Chicago Marathon in October 2013. She was still sick, so the game plan was to have fun. We arrived an hour prior to gun time. We met the good folks at the non profit, Chicago Run, who would receive proceeds from the evening’s race. We enjoyed some free samples, spoke to some nice Live Grit representatives, and met lovely, Heather.

Wearing my Pinnacle Performance racing gear, I jogged across the start line. After a few meters of discomfort, I remembered how fun it is to run next to Lindsey and how much I miss doing so. The opening mile was slow. Just over 11:00. I thought of how much better the weather was compared to when Wendy and I ran the 10K when it was windy and cold. Lindsey and I took turns asking each other, “How are you feeling?” On one hand, I wanted to run fast. On the other hand, this event was about enjoying the moment not about setting a personal best. We costed to mile two. We had picked up the pace slightly. Mile three was consistent. Mile four was tougher. It sounded as though Lindsey was struggling to breathe. she insisted she was fine, but her lungs sounds like they were on fire. Pushing it was not worth it. We took it slow. We ran up Cricket Hill. I remembered how when I ran with Wendy, I almost fell over on Cricket Hill, but this time, it was not as challenging nor as steep. Public address announcer informed the crowd that Israel Antonio was nearing the finish looking strong. We cruised across the finish.

Four miles along side a beautiful woman on a lovely evening. Thank you to Lindsey Cook for guiding me. Thank you Jenna Parker for being my friend and coach. Thank you Pinnacle Performance Company for being my sponsor. Thank you Universal Sole for a great event. Thank you to all the volunteers for a splendid experience.

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