Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marathon For Imerman Angels

On Sunday, I will run in my third consecutive Chicago Marathon. I will be running it for Imerman Angels for the second straight year. Last year, a dear friend passed away at the hands of cancer. She was so talented, beautiful, and amazing. She was too young. I have had several family members and friends who have faced cancer and each one survived. When my friend did not, I wanted to pay my respect. I would think about how I could do so, but an opportunity never materialized until I was approached on Twitter by a woman who was a part of Imerman Angels. IA provides one-on-one cancer support by pairing up a cancer sufferer with a mentor angel who has survived the exact same type of cancer. The mentor angel is of the same gender, age, and background too. From what cancer sufferers have stated, this helps tremendously with identification, understanding, and support. When someone of the same age or gender can speak to the exact same experience of cancer, it gives the current sufferer hope and potential glimpse into his or her future post cancer. The work IA does is so important and I feel is at the very least, a small way in which I can help honor my friend who passed away while also reminding my other friends who survived that you are also always in my heart.

If you would be so kind as to visit my fundraising page and making a small donation, I would be grateful for your support of my effort. It may be just that extra motivation I will need come Sunday in those late miles through the streets of Chicago.

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