Saturday, October 27, 2012

Videos From Chicago Marathon 2012

Recently, I shared these videos with my little niece. she was so excited that she was screaming and yelling as she cheered for me. She screamed, "I see you. Go Israel! You can win the race." I decided to share it with you, my readers. This gives you a chance to see me at the Chicago Marathon from earlier this month. Sunday, October 7. There is one video of me and Kimberly Shah while the next one includes me guided by Jennifer Pfaff as well as Kimberly. Two of the most amazing women in the world and I am so privileged to call them my friends. As I mentioned on Facebook recently, for the last few years, I have had the privilege to run with Kimberly and Jen several times during training and races. As a result, I can forever say that I know what it feels like to run along side and in between greatness!! Thank you to those two outstanding women, athletes, and friends. With special thanks to Jenna Parker for helping get me into the best shape of my life and teaching me how to train and race.

Mile 1

Second Half Of Marathon

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