Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mapping A New Reality

Seven years ago, my dear friend, Angela insisted I read a book by Caroline Myss. It took me a while to agree to do so, but when I did, I raced through the book Anatomy Of The Spirit within days. It was a profound read. Then Angela insisted I meet Therese Rowley PHD. After some time, I agreed to do so. Since the moment I walked into Therese's office, I have never been the same. She is an amazing energy alignment healer who has taught me so much. She helps me figure out aspects of my life whether it be writing screenplays or racing in marathons. Dr. rowley has helped me face some demons while assisting me in growing to be a better person. Apparently, I have left an impression on her over the years. She has always supported my ventures in theater, film, and athletics. I have learned that while I may have dreams and goals which I wish to achieve, there may just be other forces at work which drive me to succeed. It may just be that what I am attempting to do will not only result in my benefiting, but in some way, healing someone or a group of people. I use to wonder how could I leave that sort of impression on people? How would people be guided by my work? A shining example is when award winning journalist, author, and actress, Jenniffer Weigel attended a performance of my first play. I performed my heart out. Jen watched me on stage and was so moved by my sharing of my life story that she instantly knew how she wanted to structure her book which she would turn into a theater piece. I was stunned to learn that I had inspired the great Jen Weigel. I grew up watching her dad, Tim, a famous celebrated sports anchor in Chicago. I use to listen to Jen on the radio and watch her on TV. I admired her work as well as that of her dad and mom. I wanted to be successful the way Jen was. Yet here I was being a light to her for her next project as she took on the task of turning her award winning book, Stay Tuned: Conversations With Dad From The Other Side into a one woman show. My telling my story to an audience had helped Jen find her voice. In some small way, I had helped Jen make a major mark on the world. All I ever dreamed of doing is telling my story yet for a person I respected tremendously, I had done more without ever knowing it. As Therese had said, I had healed. I guess I can heal in my own way.

Therese has helped so many people heal. I am blessed to know Therese and feel even luckier that she has decided to include my story in her book which will be available for purchase on October 1. Therese discusses her meeting me and how I impacted her life and work. You can read all about Therese Rowley at her web site. Starting on Monday, you will also be able to order a copy of her book, Mapping A New Reality in which you will be able to read about some wonderful individuals who are changing the world. If you wish, you can check out what she wrote about me too. Please visit the following site for more information:

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