Saturday, September 15, 2012

Am I Ready To Run 2012?

People like to say, If it ain't broke don't fix it. I believe if it is not broken, then tweak it, improve it, build on the success to make it better so it never breaks. I know most people believe wait to fix it, but by then it may be too late. When I find something which works, I am grateful, but I also look to improve on it. One thing I enjoy tremendously is having the lovely Jennifer Pfaff guide me in events. For the last three years, I have run the Chicago Marathon. Before I do, I have always run the Ready To Run 20 Miler. I will do so tomorrow. As it has worked out, each year I am able to find a different person to guide me the first ten miles. Rich Karnia, Liz Bilitz, and Andrew Murray. They are my eyes the first half then Jennifer picks me up at the halfway point and takes me the distance to the finish line. I always find the footing and turns of the first eight miles or so to be tough, but after that point, it seems to become a straight shot all the way until the end shoot. As I have mentioned before, I love how Jen knows when to go easy on me and when to push me. The times when she refuses to accept my excuses and pushes me beyond the pain are always difficult, but ultimately rewarding. Each year, I look to improve by being faster, stronger, better. Often, I find parts of my run game which do get better while other parts of it which take a step back. This year, I am excited because I believe I am in the best shape I have been heading into any of these 20 Milers. Usually, my longest runs prior to RTR is a seven or eight mile run. This time, my longest was thirteen miles. I do feel a bit chubby, but the way my clothes fit and the way people have been responding to my physique of late, I believe I have so slimmed down that I look like a high school kid. I will see how that translate into a better run tomorrow especially during the late miles. I feel more prepared than at any point over the last three years. The credit for that goes to the amazing Jenna Parker who continues to work with me and push me while also teaching me how to finally train with a sense of purpose and clear cut direction. A quick loud shout out to the lovely Jenna who as I write this post is in the midst of racing at the Beijing Triathlon against some of the best pros in the world. Good luck JP!!

For anyone who will be running the 20 Miler on Sunday, I hope to see you out there. Feel free to say hello. I will be sporting my Imerman Angels top with the name Sexy Isra printed on the back. I will have a tether around my waist and a bandana on my head. I hope to see many other runners out there. Please make sure to take a moment and visit my Imerman Angels fundraising page as I race and raise funds so no one faces cancer alone. A dear friend would have celebrated another birthday yesterday had cancer not taken her life a year ago. I run knowing that each time I do, she is watching me and I carry her laughter, smile, and memory in my heart.

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