Saturday, May 19, 2012

Still Point Directed By laura Sturm

The yearly Dionysos Cup presented by Polarity Ensemble Theatre allows writers to show off their talents for audiences. I have known writers whose work have been displayed at this festival. I also know plenty of actors and directors who lend their talents to the shows. One such talented woman is the beautiful Laura Sturm who has received credit for years for being the woman who helped me make various break-throughs in my acting work. In fact, it was reading Laura's biography on the web site for the acting school where she taught at the time which motivated me to attend that school. My main purpose for picking that particular school was to go study under Laura's leadership. Yes, Laura taught me plenty. In fact, Laura redefined my life! Other instructors at the school praised Laura for her ability to tap into my talent and help bring out the best in me. Laura would say I did the difficult work, but I say it was she who had the difficult task of breaking through my defense walls in order to assist me in tearing down my barriers.

Tonight, you can watch Still Point, a play Laura is directing as part of the Dionysos Cup. See her bring out the best from other gifted actors by attending tonight's festivities. For more information on location, time, and cost, please visit the following site:

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