Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Jenna Go

Twas the night before Olympic Trials and all through my body I was hoping for a successful outcome. Of course, I am not racing in San Diego for the right to earn a spot on Team USA to represent the United States in London this year. However, one of my favorite athletes is doing just that on Friday. She is a talented actress, amazing triathlete, and beautiful model. She is Jenna Parker! For several years, triathlon fans have seen her have top ten finishes. They seen her cross the line as one of the top three on that day. They have also witnessed her close the race by being the best on that day. As I reflected on what to write tonight prior to the big race tomorrow, I thought about the following. She has long since joined the list of individuals who inspire and motivate me as an athlete, as a writer, and as a person. Now Jenna has an opportunity to join the list of Olympians. If all goes well and she earns a spot on the squad then later this year, she will get the chance to compete on the biggest stage for the opportunity to realize her dream of a gold medal. I will be thinking of her through the event and hope all my readers will join me in wishing her the best. May our well wishes help carry her to a tremendous performance. May she continue to add to the reasons she is such a wonderful accomplished athlete and person. Go Jenna go!!

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