Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Nervous Warrior

Warrior Dash. An event which takes place all over the country. Depending on the location the organizers can find, the event may run as short as three miles or longer than four. To complete the obstacle course, contestants must overcome eleven events such as; jump from one floating log to another across a pond, crawl through a shallow tunnel, go down a mud slide, jump through fire, and crawl through a mud pit under barbed wires. The closest one to me takes place in Joliet, Il. I first read about Warrior Dash when my friend, Adriana, posted the link on FB. I read through the information found it interesting, but not my cup of tea. The next day, Patti, another friend on FB sent me the link and wrote, "This sounds like something you would do." I read through the information again, but once more, I didn't think it was for me. I posted a status update just to see what others thought. Some said I was crazy while others said I was brave. One of my brothers-in-law said "If I were you, I would say no. I can see and I wouldn't try it." I would not want to drown nor get burned or dirty. I was certain I was passing on this event.Then, Arica came along and asked, "Have you found someone to guide you for WD? If not, I would love to do it." Arica is intelligent, funny, pretty, tough, and courageous. I have always enjoyed being around her and respect her greatly so when she makes such an offer, I must seriously weigh my options. Instead of the Joliet event though, I would have to travel to the WD Southeast in Mountain City, Ga. After speaking to Courtney and Alie, two reps from Red Frog Events, I decided to once again entrust Arica with my life. This may not be life or death, but it may be close to it. There are few people I would want by my side when such a moment arises. Only a few people who I trust. Arica is one of those. Realizing that today is one month away from when Arica and I will be rumbling with fire, water, and mud, I am scared yet I am excited. This obstacle course will be a new experience, challenge, and adventure. As nervous as I am as worried as I am, it is best to put on my big boy brave face, meet up with Arica, and go make memories of a lifetime!!

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