Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hiding Place

When you are surrounded by talented individuals, you can not help but experience "Wow moments!" Instances where a person or event leaves you speechless. As I began on my artistic journey of self discovery, I befriended many artists and classmates who were much more experienced and talented who left me breathless with their abilities. One such artist was Amanda Marcheschi. From the moment I met her, it was clear she was a gifted, talented, beautiful artist destined for greatness on stage and in film. Whatever "it" is that the greats possess, she had it. It was always a privilege to watch her work on her craft. While I was only lucky enough to be her partner for in-class exercises a couple of times, I learned so much from those experiences. Unfortunately for Amanda, I was often too in awe of her abilities, that I was not a good partner. Amanda has gone on to greater ventures and continues to dazzle and amaze audiences on stage and in film. She can currently be seen displaying her talents as part of Provision Theater's world premiere production of The Hiding Place adapted from Corrie Ten Boom's autobiographical piece of the same name. 1001 W. Roosevelt RD in Chicago. Performances on Friday and Saturday at 8p and Sundays at 3p. From now through May 23, 2010

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