Saturday, March 1, 2014

Patricia Walsh: World Class Woman

Patricia Walsh is a great athlete. She is a world class world champion record holder in the Ironman Triathlon. Patricia is beautiful, talented, and amazing. Anyone who meets or knows her can not stop from raving about Patricia's magnificence. Most people will make it a point to include that Patricia is blind having lost her sight many years ago. Many will argue that is why Patricia is amazing. She does not let her disability stop her from achieving at the highest level. Truth be told, to make that statement would be an insult to Patricia. Her lack of sight does not add to her greatness. Patricia is tremendous simply because she is beautiful, talented, and accomplished. It just so happens that she lost her sight. It has been and remains a privilege to know this talented athlete, accomplished person, and fabulous woman named Patricia. If you wish to get to know her, please check out the latest piece written about this top flight woman at the following link.

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