Monday, March 10, 2014

Outdoor Buzz Gets To Know Jenna Parker

In 2013 I won the US National Championship crown for Paratriathlon Tri6A. In 2013, I won the Mideast Regional Championship for Paratriathlon Tri6A. For the first time ever, I was selected to the Dare2Tri Chicago Elite Team where I was lucky to join some amazing talented individuals including several beautiful women whom I have admired from afar as they won their multiple national and world titles. Maybe it can be stated that I arrived on the elite paratriathlon scene last season. The arrival occurred last summer, but the journey began many years ago. It began when I reached out to the fabulous, beautiful, and talented model, actress, and professional triathlete, Jenna Parker. From the very first article about her I read, I was intrigued by this beautiful and talented individual whose goal was to be the first woman in history to win both a gold medal while representing her country in the Olympics and a golden statue named Oscar for being recognized by the Academy as delivering the best role of the year in a given category for which she would be nominated. From that moment, it has been such a joy beyond anything I could have ever imagined to get to know the fabulous Jenna. My journey has taken me from intrigued reader to a fan to a friend. Where my friendship with her has paid off most for the world to see has been with my marathon and triathlon performances. Under her guiding hands, I have been able to travel from way back of the pack fighting to not be the last one to finish a marathon or triathlon to throwing my fists in the air, raising my arms triumphantly, and crossing the finish line at the CapTex Triathlon as the US National Champion. I have gone from participating in races where police officers are reopening the roads to traffic and I am still limping my way to the finish line to where I am now able to race in events where I am entering the final mile of my race just as the elite are crossing the finish line. I have certainly travelled a great distance in my personal athletic journey and it is in large part due to the amazing Jenna who opened her arms out and extended her hands out in friendship which has enabled me to learn from one of the best professional athletes in the world!!

Please take the time to read a wonderful piece about Jenna Parker at the following link. It is certainly worth the time to get to know this spectacular woman, athlete, actress, person, and friend.

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