Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sarah To Join Marathon Club

The week leading up to my first ever attempt at the marathon distance, I spent plenty of time watching the documentary film, The Spirit Of The Marathon. I watched the film at least once day each day of the week. A couple times, I made sure to check it out twice. There were so many wonderful moments. I think the one which sticks with me most is a line from the legend, Dick Beardsley who stated, "When you cross the finish line of the marathon, no matter how fast or slow, it will change your life forever." I found that to be the case after completing my first event. People, from family to friends, to strangers, viewed me differently. They treated me differently when they heard I made the 26,2 mile journey across that finish line. , For some, I earned their respect when they learned I had run the final twenty-two miles on a severely sprained ankle which took almost six months to finally heal. I have since run a couple more marathons. That first one remains quite special. You only have one chance to make it your first. Is that not the case? Tomorrow, in the city of brotherly love, a friend will step to the start line with the goal of going the distance in her first ever 26.2 mile race. I wish Sarah Koenig all the love and best wishes in the world as she stares down the challenge. I hope she will enjoy the experience and take it all in because she will never have another chance to experience her first one. The long journey and whatever demons she has had to face down along the way now take a back seat to the celebration of arriving to that point in time. When Sarah completes the race, she will join the exclusive club of marathoners! I wish I could be at the end to cheer her home to her personal victory. I wish I could be there to say, Welcome to the club, Sarah. From this moment forward no one can ever take away the fact that you are forever a marathoner! It was a year ago that my friend, the elite marathon champion, Jen P, took aim at a personal best in Philadelphia. What resulted from her race was to elevate her standing even more as a champion with plenty of heart who proved why she is one of the best runners in the world. Now on that exact same course, another pal will prove why she is one of the most inspiring people in the world. Go get it, Sarah. Become a marathoner forever! Sarah, you are a rock star.

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