Monday, April 23, 2012

No Solo

A month ago, I posted about Collaboraction and Teatro Vista teaming up to present Yo Solo Festival this coming summer in the city of Chicago. Various types of artists will be on display. Among these will be several writers/actors performing one person shows. I was intrigued by the possibility of writing and performing a one man show. I wrote one before, but as the piece went through a festival for playwrights and later, as it received performances, I felt it would be best to have other actors in the show. As I would also be starring in the piece, I felt most comfortable with the idea of playing off other talented individuals. There is a part of me which enjoys being up on stage and having others living in this world which we are offering to the audience. I love playing off of others and hopefully, offering something to them to use when in their craft. Still, the opportunity to get on a stage and share stories while having all eyes and attention on me intrigued me. After some consideration and knowing time was running out for the submission deadline, I wrote a proposal and submitted it. I was excited. I was nervous. There was a part of me which also second guessed my submission. Maybe I should have included this story or that one. Maybe, if selected, I can alter the plot in this fashion.

Last week, I received word that the fine folks at Collaboraction and Teatro Vista were appreciative of my submission, but had decided not to include my piece in the Yo Solo Festival this coming July and August. I was disappointed. I wondered how I could have written a better proposal or improved the story, but those ideas quickly left my mind. I was okay with the decision. I was not angry. I knew it was a long shot attempt anyway. I am grateful for the advice I received from some wonderful trusted folks in the industry. I am grateful for those who inspired and encouraged me to send in my work. I also am excited that this piece will not die here. I will have the chance to write it the way I wish to in order to continue pursuing an avenue for it. I thank the two wonderful theater groups for allowing me to send in a piece. I look forward to one day working with them. Congratulations to the writers whose pieces will be included. I hope many of you will get to see some of those pieces over the next few months.

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