Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kate Bergeron Updated IMDB Reel

It was late summer 2004. I had been taking acting classes for almost a year making some break-throughs here and there, but I had not quite begun to tap into what I could do. I spent plenty of time observing others in my classes attempting to learn from them. It was clear that so many of my friends would go on to be very special on stage and screen. Of course, many of them stood out immediately as being young, raw, and talented. Others were on the brink of stardom. It was just a matter of time. As it turned out, many of them have gone on to enjoy successful careers. Many of them are becoming household names appearing in plays, TV shows, films, magazines, and web shows. One of those individuals is the amazing Kate Bergeron. I had the opportunity to watch her work her magic. I also had the great privilege to work opposite her in some in-class exercises. It was such a joy! I learned so much from her. She now has an updated demo reel on IMDB which I invite all to watch. Read about some of the work she has done and prepare yourself to see this talented and beautiful actress, model, singer much more in the future.

Her demo reel can be found here:

Kate's personal web site is here:

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