Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Of Liz With Cynthia Shur

Since the first day I met Cynthia Shur, I have known that I want to work with her on a production. I believe that day is nearing as I wrote a theater piece all the while picturing Cynthia as the female lead and star of the show. It helps that Cynthia had some kind words to say about the piece after she read a draft. She knows my desire is to have her star in it and I am glad to know that she is interested in playing said role. Cynthia has seen me perform in a piece which I wrote. She has also been one of the actors who participated in a table reading for a screenplay I sent to a director of development for consideration so Cynthia has seen and read other pieces from me. Hopefully, that helps show her that it is worth investing in one of my shows and she will not feel as though she is putting forth effort to help bring one of my pieces to life only to be disappointed by it. For the time being, audience members can enjoy Cynthia's work on display in and around Chicago.

Cynthia and her fiance, Nathan Petts, can be seen in Book Of Liz written by Amy and David Sedaris. Performances run through this weekend. For more information on time, tickets, and location, please log on to:

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