Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready To Run CARA 20 Miler

I have previously mentioned how as late as seven years ago I was watching the TV coverage of the Chicago Marathon as well as listening to some interviews both leading up to the race and after it and the more I heard about some of the physical issues people had during training and after the race the more I became convinced they were crazy for putting their bodies through that. I decided at that point I would never do that to my body. Life is an interesting ride. Around this time, I was working on a scene for acting class with my partner, Rani, and during an exchange where I was telling her that I was so tired from working out, she replied with, "You work out?" "Doesn't it show" I asked. She played it off and said of course it did, but the damage was done. It was also around this time when my long time friend, Sunshine, told me that my hulking body building physique was a turn off. She insisted it was disgusting. If I wanted a sexy physique, I should aim for one similar to Bruce Lee. Another friend, Lisa, agreed. Well, of course. What a fool I was! I remember watching Bruce Lee movies with my dad. I loved Bruce growing up. My fascination and ultimate motivation to study martial arts was because of him. Thus began my transformation.

Every time I worked out I had to fight the urge to increase the weight I was lifting. I was aiming for lean and sexy. Then it hit me. Since I write plays and films, I should always make sure to write myself into the pieces even if just a quick cameo and I should make sure my character is shirtless or wearing some tight shirts to show off that physique. Of course, I would have to dedicate myself to working out and getting lean so I could feel confident and comfortable in those scenes. Before long, I was watching Fit Nation hosted by Gina Lombardi as well as Insider Training hosted by Gabrielle Reese and I was even more motivated to continue to pursuit. I saw an interview with Lokelani McMichael who at eighteen years old was the youngest woman to ever complete and Ironman Triathlon(2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). I wanted to try this.

I had my conversations with Rani, Sunshine, Lisa serving as inspirations. I also had Bruce Lee, Gina, Gabrielle, Lokelani, and Ironman. Of course, I could not forget potential appearances in plays and films where women and men would possibly swoon over my physique. I hooked up with Matt Miller and the C Different Foundation and I began to race. I was swimming, biking, and running on the streets of Fort Lauderdale and New York. I was getting leaner and sexier. Then in November 2009, Keri Shindler of Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association inquired if I would be interested in running the Chicago Marathon in 2010 as a member of Team GLASA. Yes! Seven years after thinking those individuals must be crazy I am about forty days away from making my marathon debut in my home town race. As a member of Team GLASA I also get an opportunity to run in GLASA's Twilight 5K on September 11. More recently, I was offered a chance to take part in Chicago Area Runners' Association's Ready To Run 20 Miler on September 19. Then the big race on October 10. Finding guides proved to be a bit challenging, but this world is filled with great people who are ready to help at the drop of a hat. For the 20 Miler, two individuals have stepped up to guide me. They are two wonderful individuals who are willing to help even though I have never met either of them. Rich Karnia and Jennifer Pfaff. Each will guide me ten miles during the race. Neither has any previous guiding experience, but both clearly have hearts of champions. It is the last big training run prior to the marathon. I hope to dig down deep and make Rich and Jennifer proud. They will be the reasons I will be able to get out there. I hope to be the reason they have a memorable fun experience.

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