Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sexy Isra's 2010 Season Begins

I entered the 2010 calendar year with anticipation, excitement, and expectations of finally meeting my destiny with completion, productions, and submissions for my theatre pieces, short films, and full length features as well as living up to the promise of which my talent would allow on the courses for road races and triathlons. Early on, I faced disappointment with a previously successful and well received theatre piecenot receiving its much deserved recognition by a theatre group, but I turned the disappointment into opportunities to display my abilities to friends and industry folks who are not only talented, but can spot talent when they see it which have since opened more doors for networking and production possibilities. As I took aim on my targeted races for 2010, I was dealt a blow which interrupted my training when on a Friday in January, I began experiencing severe lower back pain which increased in severity with each passing day until I could not find a comfortable position to sit, stand, or lay down. I could not train nor write for seven weeks. Just as suddenly as the pain arrived, it left in mid March. I have been trying to make up for seven weeks of not training or writing. As I now complete theatre pieces, short films, and features and get them into the hands of my friends for feedback, I continue to prepare for the athletic season which for me finally begins on Sunday, May 16, 2010 with the Magellan Development Chicago Spring Half Marathon at The Park At Lake Shore East. A special thanks to Colin of CAPRI Events with whom I worked to ensure I was complying with all the rules in order to race in this event. Also, special recognition to Michael Crissie who volunteered to guide me in this event even though at the time he offered we had never met. His girlfriend, Alison Keilty, is a dear friend of eleven years since our days as classmates in college. Simply being out on the course competing and finishing a race is victory enough. Yet, I am driven by a determination to be special in art, athletics, and life so I wish to successfully compete at an elite level. I am starting my race season much later than all my friends, but I believe it can be a special one. Combine that with the success I believe will come of my theatre and film scripts and I am on the precipice of an incredible year filled with accomplishments achieved and expectations surpassed!

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