Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Badass Mother Runners

Cynthia Shur Petts and Kyna lenhov created This One Woman, a monthly variety showcase in Chicago. Artists write and perform a piece inspired by a woman which Cynthia and Kyna assigned based on audience suggestions. I performed in August. I tend to evoke, inspire, and connect when I write and perform dramatic pieces. I prepared a dramatic spoken word piece. I had second thoughts. Five hours before call time, I scrapped it. I mentally outlined a stand up comedy routine.

I was nervous that this would be my stand up debut. As Cynthia introduced me. I walked towards the stage. Audience members roared! Standing ovation. I could not start because the crowd kept roaring. Finally, I began. Within five seconds, they laughed. They laughed throughout. I brought down the house. Several including Cynthia and Kyna, are experienced and accomplished stand up comics. They praised my timing, delivery, and originality. I became Facebook friends with Kyna. I posted how several friends have completed Ragnar Relay, the 200 mile overnight relay race. I have raced Warrior Dash, qualified for Boston Marathon seven times, won the USA National Championship in Paratriathlon, and raced for a World Championship. I wish to add Ragnar to that list.

Kyna Lenhov invited me to join her Ragnar team. I asked beautiful, intelligent, inspiring, Samantha McBirney to be my eyes. In June 2017, Sam will guide me as a member of the Badass Mother Runners from Madison to Chicago.

I can not wait to run Ragnar. I can not wait to run alongside Sam. I can not wait to be a Badass Mother Runners. Since losing my sight, I feel most alive when I run. I feel most like my sighted self when I run fast. I will feel alive and run fast at Ragnar.

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