Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bank Of America Chicago Marathon Honors Me?

A few weeks ago, Abby Best of the Chicago Marathon Social Media Team reached out to me requesting a blog post. Meg Sullivan had contacted her about sharing Israel's story with the marathon running community. Lily Homestead followed up with a short interview then mentioned the social media team would post various items across Chicago Marathon platforms. Yesterday, the Facebook page featured a blurb and photo of me.

Thank you Meg, Abby, and Lily. Thank you to the many people, some of whom I do not know, who have shared the post and who have called me an inspiration. I am grateful to Jenna Parker for her friendship, support, and coaching as well as to Pinnacle Performance Company for always being there as my sponsor. If you missed it, here is the URL to the Bank Of America Chicago Marathon Facebook page. You can scroll down to find yesterday's post about me.

Chicago Marathon Facebook

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