Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Caroline Combines Passion And Purpose For Others

I first met the beautiful and talented, Caroline Gaynor in July of 2008 in New york city. I have always been a runner, especially a sprinter, at heart, but Lokelani McMichael becoming the youngest person to complete an Ironman triathlon at age eighteen inspired me to do triathlons. Besides spending a weekend in NYC with my long time dear friend, sexy, Sunshine, I walked away from that weekend excited from finishing a triathlon and meeting the fabulous, Caroline Gaynor. A month later, I saw Caroline in Chicago during the Chicago Triathlon. Caroline was and remains so beautiful, sweet, funny, kind, and magnificent. Over the years, I have posted and raved about how magnificent Caroline is, so permit me to step aside and allow someone else to sing her praises.

Please take some time to visit the following link where Kelly Krause, Camille Styles’ Contributing Editor, praises lovely, Caroline as well as providing a Q and A section.

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