Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do I Deserve To Run Boston?

There is only one Boston Marathon. So many runners spend a lifetime attempting to qualify for the field. so many achieve their dreams on a yearly basis. So many individuals spend a lifetime chasing said dream yet never realize the dream to be fast enough for the field.

If one is a blind or visually impaired runner, one need only finish a Boston Marathon qualifying event in under five hours. As such, when I ran ten minutes faster than the standard, people congratulated me. I did not feel I deserved those congratulatory remarks. After all, what had I truly achieved? Friends who are sighted must fight, crawl, and sprint to the finish in much faster times. Many ran over an hour faster than I did yet did not make it into the field for Boston. I had made it, but only because of the standard set by the governing association. I did not deserve to go so I did not. In my next marathon, I ran faster by fifty-two minutes breaking the four hour barrier for the first time ever. I was a two time Boston Qualifier. I felt a bit more deserving. Once more, I did not join the Boston field as I wished to improve my time some more. In my next 26.2, I set a new personal best by crossing the finish in 3:50.

My long time dear friend, Jen Pfaff, said it was time to give Boston a try. I was still a bit nervous about taking up a spot, but she insisted. I debated for a short time then agreed to run the Boston Marathon in 2014! As I set to run in my first ever Boston Marathon, I wish to thank Jen for agreeing to guide me. Given the choice, I would have wanted Jen Pfaff and Kimberly Shah to be my eyes as these two fabulous women helped me the first two times I successfully qualified. I felt that they had helped me get a spot so they deserved to guide me when I would run it. As luck would have it Jen was ready and able to guide.

Another very special individual who deserves so much credit for helping me get to Boston is the amazing, Jenna Parker. she has been a tremendous influence and leader in my life helping me improving race in and race out. My ability to get faster and stronger is a result of Jenna's guidance.

Special thanks to Pinnacle Performance Company which has supported me during the last couple seasons I have raced in marathons and triathlons. they are once again supporting me for the 2014 season. They took a chance on me a couple years ago and now I get to take the Pinnacle orange to Boston.

I am excited at how my body will perform and how it will recover after the race. My excitement comes from becoming a brand ambassador for Base Performance. Founder, Chris Lieto, Ironman Triathlon champion, and President, Matt Miller have given me a chance to represent Base Performance for the 2014 season. How great it is that I will kick off my year by racing the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon will be an emotional experience. I will do my best to run my heart out. I am nervous and scared for I do not want to let down Jen, Jenna, Pinnacle, Base, and all those who support me. I want to do well for all. I want to do well for me so that I can prove to myself that after qualifying for three times, I am in fact deserving of being a runner in the field for the Boston Marathon.

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