Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Helmet For Heroes

Team Red White and Blue is a non profit which works to help US military men and women adjust back to civilian life through the use of athletic and social activities. Team RWB has been branching out everywhere in every city as they continue to grow and enter the lives of so many service men and women who have given so much to this country. The triathlon world has taken notice and many of the best professional triathletes in the world have joined together and signed a Wingspan II Helmet which was donated by the famed Rudy Project in order to benefit Team RWB. You can check out the helmet, see the names of those who have signed it, and big on the item. Remember, it goes to a wonderful cause. Some of the names which appear on the helmet include; Chrissie Wellington, Laura Bennett, Greg Bennett, amanda Lovato, Michael Lovato, Craig Alexander, Jessica Jacobs, Mirinda Carfrae, and several others. Please visit the link below and consider putting in a bid for this helmet. The helmet will go to a very lucky deserving person, but you must bid before bidding closes on April 15. that is only a few days to bid on a very cool helmet for a tremendous cause to help out those who defended our freedoms.

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