Friday, January 4, 2013

Elizabeth's Cycle For Survival

A year ago at this time I was preparing to participate in my first ever Cycle For Survival. I did not know what to expect, but I was excited to try what I could to ride out my heart while helping the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Foundation raise money which would be donated to researching cures and treatment for rare types of cancer. These types are never discussed and often, money is not grated to them since there are not enough sufferers in the world to make it worth company's resources. People must find ways to survive or live with these health issues because companies have yet to discover how to make money off them. That is so sad and maddening. Through the Cycle For Survival event, people will have a fighting chance as finances will go to the doctors and labs attempting to find cures and treatments.

This year, I am asking my readers and followers to consider donating to an amazing, beautiful, and talented woman whom I have the great privilege of calling a friend. Please give to Elizabeth Bilitz and her Braking Bad team who will be riding as part of CFS in Chicago. I met Elizabeth a year and a half ago when I was a week away from running in my second Ready To Run 20 Miler. Seven days out and I only had one guide. Jen Pfaff said if I could not find someone, she would get me a guide. Almost as quickly as she informed me of that, Elizabeth reached out to me to say she would be more than happy to be my eyes for half of the twenty miles. I thought to myself, how selfless of this woman who does not know me to volunteer. She must be a tremendous athlete that she could just volunteer in a blink of an eye without needing time to prepare and train. It turns out, she is a talented gifted accomplished athlete. She is one of the best pure runners in Chicago. I am beyond lucky to know her and call her a friend. Please visit her fundraising page at the below link. thank you!!

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