Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laura Sturm Epemera Interview Part III

Chicago's Polarity Ensemble Theatre is currently in the midst of the world premiere production of a show entitled, Ephemera which is directed by the talented, amazing, and beautiful Laura Sturm. I credit Laura as being one of the most important and influential people in my life for being able to tap into me and reach my core to enable any potential acting talent to develop and ultimately be released into the world. Laura has a gift of being able to get the best out of people. She does this as an acting instructor as well as a director. She knows how to communicate and press the correct buttons to reach each student or actor. Her ability to do this is currently on display in the performances of Ephemera.

In this interview, part three of three, Laura discusses some details about the show. Please take a listen to this tremendous woman. If you are in Chicago, make sure to check out the show before the production run reaches its conclusion.

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