Thursday, January 27, 2011

Of Boys And Men Now Available

A few years ago in October 2007, I had the wonderful privilege to attend The Filmmaker Summit presented by the Chicago chapter of the Independent Film Project (IFP) where I was able to meet and network with so many wonderful individuals who have a passion for telling stories through films. One of the individuals I met that weekend was screenwriter and filmmaker, Michelle Amor. I had the great fortune of receiving ten minutes of wisdom from Michele as I signed up for a ten minute mentorship session which IFP Chicago offered as part of the various networking opportunities throughout the weekend. These ten minutes proved to be the start of a wonderful friendship as Michelle and I have remained in contact over the years. I have been able to pick her brain on writing. I have also simply listened and marveled at the way she tells stories as part of our conversations. There are times where she and I will talk as friends simply to see how the other is doing and not to speak on writing specifically, but I walk away from the conversation learning so much about telling stories, speaking my truth, and sharing myself. Over the years, Michelle has been a wonderful friend and writing mentor. She has given me wonderful advice and feedback on my scripts. From her, I learned that the best way to learn about screenplays is to read screenplays. The best way to better one's writing is to write and send copies to trusted talented friends who can then offer feedback.

This week, Warner Bros released the film, Of Boys And Men on DVD. It stars Robert Townsend, Angela Bassett, and Victoria Royal. It was written by Michelle Amor. For more information and to buy a copy of the movie, please log on to:,default,pd.html?cgid=DVD

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