Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Be Inspired Be Motivated Be Yourself

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to race in triathlons and one day, I would like to complete and Ironman triathlon. In order to do so I would have to learn to swim. When I was ten years old, I took a week of free swimming lessons at my local YMCA, but that was my only formal instruction. I was lucky enough to be introduced to two young women, Karrie Torbeck and Arica Ebersold, who worked with me for a while. As I began to show some progress, I had to discontinue working with them due to circumstances beyond our control. I decided to reach out to my local YMCA to see if I could begin working with someone there. The Aquatics Director, Jackie E. Keane was so receptive from the very first conversation I had with her that I knew I would enjoy working with her to reach my swim goals. After I explained my desire to learn as well as giving her more information about my current level of training, she immediately suggested that I would best be served working with one of if not her top instructor, Erwin John Tan. I met with Erwin and instantly, I felt at ease. He worked with me for a lengthy period before having to depart for other ventures, but the time I spent with him was a valuable period in my swim life. He took what I learned from Karrie and Arica and built on that foundation. In other aspects, he deconstructed what I had learned and decided to rebuild from the ground up to fit what he felt would best suit me. I truly appreciate what all my swim instructors have taught me as I feel it has given me a wide range of knowledge from which to pull.

Those who read my entries on a regular basis have read my various stories about my different races. Readers have also read how I use my fitness achievements as a springboard for my theater and film projects as well as motivation to have a sexy lean physique at which family, friends, and others could marvel. Recently, Erwin asked me to submit a piece to be published on his web site which discusses my reasons, motivations, and inspirations for leading a healthy active lifestyle. Said piece is now posted on his site and I invite all to visit it and take a glance at not only my submission, but at all which he offers.


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