Monday, December 28, 2009

Online in 2009

In 2004, my friend, Amy, told me about her blog and said, "You're a writer. You should create one. For as much as you love to write, you need a forum." My friend, Rani, agreed. "With all those email updates you send, you should have an online journal of your thoughts. A central location for your reflections. I would totally read it. I know your friends all would." One of my brother-in-law's said he hoped I was saving all my email updates on sports, politics, pop culture, music, films, and human interests to publish them in a book The Musings Of Israel Antonio. Others joined in to encourage me, but I resisted figuring blogs were for talentless hacks wishing to remain nameless while attacking or resorting to gossip and hearsay. As time went on, I started to buy into Amy and Rani's idea so I began to research the possibilities. Others suggested also joining Facebook and Twitter. Unlike most of my friends, I couldn't simply decide on it and answer a few questions, click the mouse a few times, and be set. I had to research accessibility of of blogging, FB, and tweeting to make sure my third party screen reader software on the PC would work on these sites. If I switched to a Mac, I had to ensure the built-in screen reader would also work. I spent months reading online articles, joining email lists, listening to podcasts, and interviewing others. Finally, I played around on the sites attempting to figure out what I could and couldn't access. With the ever changing nature of technology, what may not work today might be accessible next week. If these sites made changes to include more flash, graphics, and images to make it prettier to the eye, it may make an aspect which is accessible suddenly inaccessible. All factors I had to consider which most of my friends never have to face. I pressed forward and created my blog. Eventually I figured it out and now I'm posting. I can now promote myself and my friends! I only wish I would have listened to Amy and Rani much sooner! I somehow managed to set up my FB account, but needed my friend, Angela's help to set up my profile and get some friends. Before long, I was connecting with family and friends in a new way and reconnecting with friends from college, high school, and grade school! I was making new friends too. I decided to try Twitter and quickly had some followers. Rani did say I needed an online presence. I now have it and it is changing my life for the better! Thank you again to Amy, Rani, and Angela. Also to you, my blog reader, FB friend, and follower on Twitter!!

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